After living in Brooklyn for years, Pauline Gola is in a state far from that of urban dwellings - she is in a state of submersion, in your pool, or the ocean. Her emotive work is exhibited around the United States and she has received numerous awards. She currently lives in Redondo Beach and is a mother to her son Peter, who was born in 2015. 

Exploring symbol and metaphor as the language of the soul, Pauline brings a Jungian sensibility to her work. She is guided by synchronicity in the creative process - shadows and light are the poetic container in which she espouses her own transformation. Inspired by Perennial philosophy and the work of the great mystics from many spiritual traditions, she is drawn to a contemplative life of service in her community.

Her approach to visual art is fueled by a broad range of experiences - she pursued drawing, painting and mixed media during her teens and twenties, but fell into music professionally during college. She was a DJ for many years, moving dance floors at club residencies she held in NYC and LA. Returning to visual art in her 30s, her penchant for the wildness of dance, rhythm, and soulful experience feeds her style of image making through the dynamic nature of the underwater world. She has studied fine art at the University of Southern California, the Los Angeles Center of Photography, OTIS, and Art Center College of Design.